How to Find Glider in PUBG Mobile

Finally, the new vehicle is here. This is the main thing in the 1.3 update. More new stuffs in This update. The motor glider spawn randomly across the map. Only few locations where players will get to ride. The gliders are spawn only in Erangle and Miramar.

Ok let’s find out the places in map


The Motor glider spawn in Multiple locations in the map. After the several attempts we found a glider spawn in the Eastern side of Yasanaya Polyana. the next spawn location is the main road going parallel to the Sosnovka Military base. And some time The glider spawn in the Sevarny road towards the sea.


On the Miramar map the glider Spawn in near the southwest side of campo militar. There is small town more on the right-hand top corner. The next spot is towards the western side of city in Los Leones.
It is a long time they are adding a new transport vehicle in the game. The glider is a two-seater flying vehicle. But the fuel consumption is high.
Note: the motor glider is s spawn randomly in the two maps. The mentioned spots are not confirmed. All spots are not sure. Only have a chance to get the vehicle. The gliders may spawn in different spots

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