Levelx Clan

Levelx Clan

The team Levelx clan is an North American clan. The all players in the clan are indians. The players have more potential and they are best players. This clan is achieved lot of things. This are the clan main line up players In game name and real names. 

IGN (In game name)          Real name

• Levelxultron                                        Nandan

• LevelxlSonu                                         Sonu Rajash

• LevelxVenom                                     Ashish

• Levelxbeast                                         Dimbal

• Levelxlogan                                         Amal s

Levelx Black Pink Girls line up

And This clan have girls Line up calld Levelx Black pink. This are the In game name and real name of This Girls line up. 

IGN (In game name)              Real Name

• LevelxSobi                                         

• LevelxLuna                                         

• LevelxShajal                                             Shajal Salam

• LevelxQueen                                            Gauri Menon

• LevelxNektra                                            Gopika


• Finals in PMCO 2021 (Pubg mobile Club open) and PMPL 2021(Pubg Mobile Pro league).

• Semi finals in PMCO North American Fall Split 2020.

• PMCO North American 2020 semi finals they got 3 Chicken dinner in a row.

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