Sebastian Lague Age, Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Sebastian Lague Age, Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography


Sebastian Lague is a South African game developer and YouTuber. He dabbles in coding, development, animation, and other topics. On his YouTube account, he has three primary series of videos. He has a YouTube channel with more than 885k subscribers. He was born in 1997. He started his YouTube channel on 1 October 2011 and uploaded the first video on 10 April 2012. The most viewed video on his YouTube channel titled “I tried creating a game using real-world geographic data” that video got more than 4.1 million views. Now he lived in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Coding Adventures: Inside this series, viewers learn new things about programming and get the capacity to create new things.

Game Development Tutorials: This is a playlist that covers a variety of topics in game development, such as procedural planet generation, procedural terrain generation, game development with Unity and C#, blender character creation, and more.

Behind the scenes: In this series, Lague takes you behind the scenes of the creation of a few small games he’s produced for various game jams.

Sebastian Lague Biography, Wiki

Real NameSebastian Lague
Age25 as of 2022
ProfessionGame developer and YouTuber
Famous forContent videos
Net WorthN/A

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