Who is Blind Psycho Real Name, Age, Pubg ID, Controls, Device, birthday date, Wikipedia, Biography ?

Blind Psycho

In-game name: Blind Psycho

Real name: Ashwin Anil Kumar

Place: Kochi, Kerala 

Blind psycho is one of the best IGL in India. He has a YouTube Channel with 5 Lakh subscribers. He is not a content creator. Blind psycho streams the competitive room matches. He is 21 years old (as of 2021). He did not Choose the YouTube Carriere. YouTube is only a passion for him. He is Currently not Studying yet. But starting soon.


Also, he has an Instagram account with 242k (ig.psychoblind)


Blind Psycho’s PUBG Mobile Character ID 569877653


Started playing PUBG: when he was in a coaching center with his friends. Getting free time and he started playing games. 


Why he chose the game: He told PUBG Mobile is not a progressive game. That is the main reason. Any time we can stop and start the game. But other games such as clash of clans other games have levels. We need to continue the play for 1 to 2 years to make max levels. We Can’t Stop. But PUBG only has a 30 minutes match. Far to everyone Not a time-consuming game. 


Starting Device: iPhone 5s and then he changed to android. And he takes One plus 6. And he returned to iPhone XR. Currently, he is using iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Claw Set-up: Playing 3 Finger Claw Set-up

Which clan he represented: His first clan is Soul. Then he leaves the clan and joins Team Blind. And he also played in a competitive lineup. The lineup is now known as Squad 99. 

How he joined Soul: Soul VST and Soul Jango these guys were invited him to join the soul clan. 

His first Official Tournament: When he was in soul clan he is in a lineup known as Squad 99. And they have participated PMIS tournament. The prize pool was 1 crore. He got MVP in Semi-finals and group stages. Also, top 10 ranks in Finals. 


How he joined Blind Team: Psycho and Other players created a crew with Four Players. The Players are Psycho, Nick, Evos, Xpain. Then He can’t prove his potential in the Crew Challenge with the crew. But show the potential in PMIT. They were Semifinalists in PMIT. And he left the Soul clan and he formed a clan. 


How he become the best IGL in Kerala: He has experience in room matches from he played in the soul clan. He teaches How to survive in the last zoon’s and rotations.

Blind Psycho Biography, Wiki

Real Name: Aswin AnilKumar
Age: 21 (as of 2021)
Place: Kochi, Kerala, India
Character ID: 569877653
IGN(In game name) : PsychoBLIND
Device: iPhone 12 pro max
Control: 3 Finger claw + Gyroscope
Control code: 6916-3305-3789-4810-640
Date of birth: 25 August 2000
Clan: BLIND eSports
YouTube channel : Blind Psycho
Subscribers: 4.92lakhs
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