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Mehdina TV is a couples of YouTube channels. This couples Posts pranks, challenges, vlogs, and Islam-related topics. The couple’s real names are Medhi Isa and Mubina. Mehdi iIsa an American- Portuguese Muslim revert. Mubina is a Pakistani. His channel name is Mehdina TV with more than 218k subscribers. This YouTube channel started on April 20, 2020. 
Mostly he upload short videos. The most popular video on his channel has more than 9.2 Million views and the video name is “We reached a Million on TikTok?”. And the first video is called ” How we really met Armenia Pakistani couple”, the video got 156k views, and the video post on May 31, 2020. 
This couples channel has more than 251 Million total views. This couple is trying to break stereotypes on niqabis(veils women) and Muslims in general. Also, these couples have an Instagram account and a TikTok account.

Mehdi iIsa Biography

Real Name: Mehdi iIsa
Age: n/a (Not Available)
Nationality: American- Portuguese

Mubina Biography

Real Name: Mubina
Age: n/a (Not Available)
Nationality: Pakistani
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