Who is WATOP (We Are Top) Youtuber biography, real name, face reveal

WATOP Face Reveal

WATOP is a popular YouTuber who makes videos informative videos about animals. He didn’t reveal his face and real name. WATOP makes videos covering his face with a black mask. He is from the United States, and he started the WATOP YouTube channel on March 5, 2020. WATOP uploaded the first video on April 30, 2020.

Currently, the most popular video on his channel is titled “This Is Why Snakes Are Afraid of Mantises” and this video has 16 million views and 248 lakh likes. Currently, WATOP has a total of 446 million views on its channel. He uploads 4 to 5 videos in every weak.

WATOP Biography, Wiki

Real NameNot Available
AgeNot Available
BirthdayNot Available
Birth PlaceNot Available
NationalityAmerican (not confirmed)  
Famous forInformative videos about Animals
Net WorthNot Available
QualificationNot Available
HobbiesNot Available
Marital StatusNot Available
Phone NumberNot Available
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  1. Great Job, Uhhh – No Name Man!

    You sound a lot like Josh Gates from "Fact or Fiction" & "Destination Truth!"

    Thanks for Your videos… You Help Me To Stay Grounded 💕

  2. I’m pretty sure he isn’t American. Every few videos he pronounces something the way someone who is just DOING an American accent does. And there’s plenty of other things if you look.


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